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What is collateral and why do I need it?

Collateral is the supporting media that businesses and musicians use for self promotion. These items can include: posters or signs, brochures, web content, scripts for sales calls, data sheets about products, white papers, business cards, etc. All of these things are used to effectively present information to potential customers about your product. Without this support, there's nothing 'tangible' in your customers' hands while you present your information. Collateral goes home with the customer and they reference it as they decide to choose your company for assistance with their specific need.

How can JTaylorMarketing help me with these needs?

JTaylorMarketing can assist you with both the design and the production of these materials. Our relationships with national printing houses allows us to offer high quality production of your collateral items - delivered directly to your home or business within 3 to 5 days. Hand your customers these professional pieces and make an impression!


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